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Welcome to my personal blog. Squirrel(!) is such an appropriate title for this spot on the Internet. This began as a way to share the journal from my walk across England with hubby Jan. That trip is archived here for you to enjoy (June of 2012), but now when you visit you'll read my crazy musings on everything from horses, to cars, to grammar, to books, baseball, or weasels. Don't get whiplash trying to figure out a theme; just watch out for the squirrels!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

St. Bees

One of the three trains it took to get us to St. Bees
Train Station at St. Bees
St Bees is the quintessential tiny northern British (Cumbrian) town. As soon as I got off the train I was enamored—of the Irish Sea, of the houses and inns in the downtown area set close together in a line up narrow, winding Main street. Most of all I loved the half of town set on “the other side of the tracks” where sheep and horses grazed peacefully and the 12th Century Priory Church of St. Bega and St. Mary watches over the town.   
The Priory Church of St. Bega and St. Mary

Pulling our cases from the train to the B&B took about fifteen minutes

This is where we started our walk on Saturday morning after staying at Tomlin House B&B with the lovely owners Irene and David and their dog, Glen. 
Our room at Tomlin House B^& B
Saturday was also our first taste of what’s known as a full English breakfast. This consists of eggs, toast, meat of some kind (English sausage, bacon—which looks like American ham, or maybe even black pudding—a sausage patty made from meat and blood), and can include fried tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh fruit and other side treats.  You’re also “expected” to start with a  bowl of cold cereal and tea or coffee.  We were stuffed when we left the table, but we did notice that many miles and many hours later, we still weren’t hungry.  We were filled with long-lasting protein!
Before we started walking we also met our first couple of fellow walkers:  Julie and Pete Herbert and their Border collie, Joe. It would soon become clear that we’d make a whole cadre of new friends as we walked—but we didn’t know that yet.

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